"1973" Featured Movies

Harry in Your Pocket (1973)

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A would-be criminal is taken in by a professional in the game, who teaches him how pickpockets work in teams.

One Little Indian (1973)

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On the run from the Cavalry, a man tries to disappear while accompanied by two camels and a runaway boy. His escape is made harder when he meets a widow and her daughter who may turn him in.

Satan's School for Girls (1973)

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A young woman investigating her sister's suicide at a private girls' school finds herself battling a Satanic cult.

Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart in the Land of Demons (1973)

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Five warriors challenge Ogami to duels. Each holds a part of information needed to complete the assassination of a mad clan leader.

Ludwig (1973)

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Historical evocation of Ludwig, king of Bavaria, from his crowning in 1864 until his death in 1886, as a romantic hero...

Incident at Vichy (1973)

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Adapted from Arthur Miller's play, film focuses on a group of Frenchmen who are detained at Vichy, the capital of France while under Nazi occupation, and "investigated" under suspicion of secretly being Jewish.